Brief bio.....

I graduated from University of Surrey, UK with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a masters' degree in electronic engineering. I completed a doctorate at Durham University, UK. I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng - UK and Hong Kong), Chartered Physicist (CPhys - UK), and a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP - UK), a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK (MIET), a Senior Member of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, USA (SMIEEE), a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS), a member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE) and a member of the Institute of Physics, UK (MInstP).

I started teaching at North London Polytechnic in 1971, and became closely involved with consultancy work for many consumer electronics companies - from audio and hi-fi in the early 70s, to electronic calculators and early home computers in the late 70s - early 80s.

During the 1970s and 1980s I had a number of start-ups and other programmes focusing on educational  computing and related technologies. This included designing and building LOGO-based robots for primary education as well as developing educational programmes based around the developing personal computing technologies. Companies I worked for included Sinclair Research, Commodore, Casio, HP, and Acorn (BBC Computer). I have also written over 20 books as well as many instructional manuals, and worked closely with the BBC on a number of programmes, including The Computer Programme.

I moved to Hong Kong in the mid 80s to run my own consumer electronics consultancy where I advised a number of new start-ups in S E Asia and China. I joined City University in 1990, and mainly taught consumer mechatronic design and electronic product design. My research interests included applying consumer electronics technology to robotics and the evaluation of the marine environment, as well as engineering education methodologies. I have published over 60 journal and conference papers since joining CityU in 1990.

I retired from the University in 2010, and have spent the time since then mainly doing volunteer work for both the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the IET Hong Kong. I worked at, and was latterly Director of, CityU's Marine Science and Engineering Laboratory, based at Hoi Ha Wan. I am currently Asia Region Coordinator for the MATE International ROV Contest. I introduced a number of educational programmes whilst volunteering for IET and IEEE including the Faraday Challenge and  various robotics contests and workshops.

I was also founding Chair of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Chapter in Hong Kong in 1994; a member of the IET (IEE) Hong Kong Branch Committee from 2004 - 2012, serving as Branch Chair in 2010-11, and 2016-2018; and the founding Chair of the IEEE Hong Kong Robotics and Automation/Control Systems Joint Chapter. I was 2nd Vice-President IEEE Consumer Electronics Society AdCom 1998-2000, and, from 2009-2012 the Vice-President International Affairs IEEE Consumer Electronics Society AdCom, being responsible for the Society's Distinguished Lecturer Programme as well as Chapter Liaison.

I also served as a Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation/Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Corporation 2006-13, and was elected a member of the IT Sub-sector for the Election Committee for Chief Executive 2006-2010, 2011-2015 and 2016-2020. I recently retired as Secretary and member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Commons, a well known 'think tank' in Hong Kong.

I have recently formed a consultancy group to build on my more than 40 years of experience in pioneering STEM education.